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How to use ClickView - information for students and parents

Logging In

Go to

Type in your school email address.

You will be redirected to the Trinity College sign-in page, where you should enter your school username and password, and click sign in.

Embedded Videos

Another way you may be required to log in is if your teacher sends you a research guide with a ClickView video embedded in it. You may see this:

Click on Sign in using Single Sign On and you will be taken to the Trinity College sign in page where you can enter your school username and password, and once you are signed in you will be able to press play. Then use the full screen button to enlarge the video.

What Is ClickView?

We’d like to introduce you to our school’s educational video resource, ClickView.

Used by over 3,400 schools, this Australian platform provides access to thousands of videos and educational resources for all subjects, in a safe and secure environment.

The platform hosts a wide range of classroom-friendly video content, from popular films to documentaries and Australian-made educational videos. This ClickView-produced educational content is curriculum-aligned and designed to give Australian students a deeper understanding of topics and concepts.

The videos are also a fantastic resource for you to use at home to revise a topic, help with research projects, or to approach discussions and understanding around student wellbeing.

We’re providing a safe way for your children to view valuable video content online. The inbuilt rating system means children can only view content that is age-appropriate.

If you have questions or need further information, contact the Senior Library staff!

Request a Video

There are many videos available to Library Staff to download onto ClickView which are not visible to students. If it's been on free-to-air TV at some point, chances are it's available on ClickView, and we'd love to help you find it! Get in touch with us to make a request. 


As well as educational videos, there are many feature films on ClickView which you may enjoy.

Feature Films Collection 

Download the App

You can access ClickView anywhere, at any time. Go to ClickView Downloads, download the free app for iPad or iPhone in the Apple Store or the Android app via Google Play. Simply sign in using your school login credentials.

Here are some tips for browsing and searching in the iOS and android versions of the app.

Browsing on an android device

Browsing on an iOS device

Searching on an iOS device

Searching ClickView

Type in your search query in the search bar in the top right corner.

If you don't know exactly what you're looking for, click on Libraries to browse the categories.

Trinity College is our school collection of videos specifically selected by our teachers. 

Primary and Secondary Libraries are collections of educational videos created by ClickView.