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Trinity College subscribe to a number of academic databases which are specifically aimed at secondary students and will provide them with information far more reliable than if they go to websites such as Wikipedia. If these databases have information on your topic we will include links such as these to make it easy for the students to access this high-quality information.

Assessment Info

PDF and Word documents can be attached to your guide - so the task sheet or any class reading material you wish to share with them can all be given to them in the one place.

What are research guides?

Research guides are websites which the Library team create to support the teaching staff.

Each guide is based on a topic or assessment, and acts as a starting point for their learning on the topic. Depending on the topic the guide may include text information, links to websites and articles online, videos, maps, diagrams or other visual elements, information to assist with referencing, and links to academic subscription websites where students can access information of a higher quality than that on the public Internet.

We work with the teachers to select the most relevant, age-appropriate and reputable resources so that each guide is tailored specifically for your students’ needs.

You can see our full collection of guides here – check back regularly as we update this page frequently.

Work with us to put together a guide for your next assessment.

Contact the Library team at


Our guides are visually engaging, with maps, infographics, diagrams and photos included.

Some of our recent guides

To get an idea of what our guides are like, check out some examples below.


There’s a wealth of information available for free on the Internet, but using Google to search on a topic can be overwhelming for students, as they often have to trawl through a lot of irrelevant and low-quality websites before they find what they are looking for, and in many cases they may not have the time, patience or discernment to do this well. We take the pain out of this by including curated sets of links which we have selected so they can go straight to the information they need.


Videos from ClickView or YouTube can be embedded in a guide. All students need to do is click play and choose full screen mode (and log in with their school credentials if it’s a ClickView video) to go straight to the video.


For English guides, if your novel is available as an eBook or eAudiobook we will include a link for the students to download these.


Citemaker is an online referencing tool which will help students create correctly formatted references for their assignments.