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Evaluating Alexander the Great as a Leader


Alexander the Great

Phillip of Macedon

King of Macedon




War tactics

Books in the Library

Most of the books in the library for your research are located in the following places:

History - Greeks

History - Ancient World

History - World History

Below is a small selection of the Alexander the Great books we have in the library.  These books and numerous others useful for your research will be placed in a trolley in the library for easy access.



ClickView has a number of videos on Alexander the Great.  Log in using your Trinity username and password.



Citemaker - Online Referencing Tool

Citemaker is an online referencing tool which will help you create correctly formatted references for your assignments. It offers help with print and online resources as well as many others. If you sign up for an account, you can save lists of references. Otherwise just use it as and when you need it and copy and paste the references you make. jAPA is a slightly less complicated version of the Citemaker to help younger students.

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