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Politics in Australia - Year 7: The Australian Constitution

The basics about Australia's Political System.



The Purpose of the Constitution

  • Establishing the government of the Commonwealth of Australia as a democracy.
  • Outlining how the government should be structures.
  • Making sure the people in government have been chosen by the people (through elections) and that anyone can run for government if they want to.
  • Stating what rights and responsibilities we have as Australian citizens.
  • Outlining the roles and duties of teh state governments.
  • Making sure that all people obey the laws (that are set out on the constitution).

The Value of the Constitution

  • It gives us a set of laws that can be followed or enforced consistently.
  • It describes the role of government and how it should be structured so that decisions are made on behalf of the country.
  • It defines how power should be divided, making sure no single person can have complete control over the way the country is run.
  • It allows citizens to read and understand the structure and laws of our country.

The Australian Constitution

The Australian Constitution

Why does Australia have a Constitution?


The Australian Constitution

The Constitution

The Constitution of Australia Online

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