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LibGuides Style Guide: Home

A guide for your guides


Make sure all websites are represented with the website icon, 30x30 or 40x40 pixels in size (depending on what looks best in context).

To include this go to Assign Thumbnail Image, and the icon is located in the Shared Library / ROOT folder.

Websites should always open in a new window.

The description should be shown when you hover over the information icon (the i in a black circle). Keep the description brief enough that you can read all of it when you hover over it.


If there is information in some of the databases on the topic, include banner links to the relevant databases.

Set the description to be visible when you hover over the item title.


For guides that will be used by students who are needing to reference their work, include a link and info on Citemaker. The banner link to Citemaker is found under Databases.

Citemaker is an online referencing tool which will help you create correctly formatted references for your assignments. It offers help with print and online resources as well as many others. If you sign up for an account, you can save lists of references. Otherwise just use it as and when you need it and copy and paste the references you make. jAPA is a slightly less complicated version of the Citemaker to help younger students.

Creating a LibGuide

+ Create Guide

Guide description: You must enter a description in this field as if you do not, it displays as "This guide has no description". 

Guide type: Choose one of the following.

  • Topic Guide - for Junior School guides
  • Subject Guide - for Senior School guides
  • General Purpose Guide - for miscellaneous guides

Group: Select the relevant group. If no group is selected, guide will not display on the Research Guides public page.



Youtube clips embedded into the middle box are to be custom sized to ensure they fill the box.

In a guide with a 33 / 33 / 33 layout, videos should be 400 x 220 pixels.

In a guide with a 25 / 50 / 25 layout, videos in the side columns should be 260 x 160 pixels, and videos in the middle column should be 560 x 340 pixels. 


  • Author name format (eg. Smith, Thomas)
  • Call number and collection format (eg. Planet Earth – Climate 333.6 BRE or Reality F CAR)
  • Publication date format: year only (eg. 2017)
  • Books are to be linked to the Library catalogue
  • Blurb visible when mouse hovers over the book cover. All books should have a blurb. Long blurbs will need to be shortened as lengthy blurb are not visible in the hover box. 
  • Assign fiction titles a Resource Icon for their genre.


The pages of the guide are to be organised by the type of media:

  • books
  • databases
  • websites‚Äč 

or by sub-topics depending on what is appropriate for the subject matter of the guide.

Friendly URLs

You must edit the URLs for the guide and for each additional tab added.

For the guide, create a friendly URL in the following order: Year Level/Department/Guide


For each tab, edit the page url to match the tab name.


Font to be used:

Lucida Sans Unicode size 12 or 14


Headings to be in bold.

The title of the first tab of the guide will depend on what is appropriate for the subject matter, for example " Introduction" or "Convicts", avoid the use of the word "Home" . 


Sometimes text that has been copied and pasted into a box displays outside of the box. This does not show up on the edit screen, you will need to check the preview page to ensure this isn't happening, and manually edit it so that it displays correctly.

Bottom Box

On all Senior Library guides add the Bottom Box, which contains the custom Library Guides banner. Version of this in various colours are saved in the Shared Library / ROOT folder. Match the colour to the colour for the subject area used on the Research Guides page.

Search Terms

This box should include a list of search terms students can use search the databases, the internet or the Library catalogue.

  • Search
  • Term
  • Catalogue
  • Internet
  • Databases