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Book Club Goes Online

Our Book Clubs are now online and stay in touch via Microsoft Teams.

Please email the library or Direqt message your book club leader with your request to be added to the team for your year group.


ClickView is our school’s educational video resource.

Used by over 3,400 schools, this Australian platform provides access to thousands of videos and educational resources for all subjects, in a safe and secure environment.

Go to online.clickview.com.au and log in with your school credentials.

For some tips on using ClickView, go here.

If you have questions or need further information, contact the Senior Library staff!

Research Guides

Research guides are websites which the Library team create to support the College community.

Each guide is based on a topic or assessment, and acts as a starting point for students’ learning on the topic. Depending on the topic the guide may include text information, links to websites and articles online, videos, maps, diagrams or other visual elements, information to assist with referencing, and links to academic subscription websites where students can access information of a higher quality than that on the public Internet.

We work with the teachers to select the most relevant, age-appropriate and reputable resources so that each guide is tailored specifically for your students’ needs.

You can see our full collection of guides here – check back regularly as we update this page frequently.


Know if a topic that you’d like a guide on but can’t see one available?

Contact the Library team at library@trinity.wa.edu.au

Citemaker - Online Referencing Tool

Citemaker is an online referencing tool which will help you create correctly formatted references for your assignments. It offers help with print and online resources as well as many others. If you sign up for an account, you can save lists of references. Otherwise just use it as and when you need it and copy and paste the references you make. jAPA is a slightly less complicated version of the Citemaker to help younger students.

Welcome back to Term 2, to all those Trinity students who are physically attending school and those learning remotely. The physical Library is now open again and able to provide most of our usual services, while still supporting you with online resources.

If students or parents are struggling to find information for an assigned task, or if you have any questions or requests, we encourage you to contact the Library team to discuss how we can help you!


English Novel Guides

Find a guide for the novel you are reading for English here, with information which will assist you in writing your assessments.

Wellbeing Guide

Stay sane in isolation! 

We're putting together a guide for you full of great ideas to keep you happy, healthy and having a great time at home. 

Check here to see where we are up to so far!

World War 1

A research guide for Year 9 Humanities students on Word War I can be accessed here.

Books to Film and TV

Many books we have in the library have been adapted for the screen in recent years. Go here to watch a selection of them online, for free!

Book Face Competition

Have you entered our Book Face Competition yet? If you need some inspiration check out our April entries so far from staff and students HERE!



For those students and staff who are still physically at school,  the College Library is still open for borrowing! Please come and visit us. Our usual limit is 4 items for 4 weeks but we are happy to loan you additional items for an extended period to help you get through these challenging times.

Additionally, we can also offer a 'collection service' for parents next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If students and parents would like to choose some books to collect, you can simply browse through our catalogues here and look for titles that are available (those with a green tick in the top right hand corner). If you would like to borrow these, send a  small list to this email – library@trinity.wa.edu.au along with the specific day you would like to collect and we will leave a bag with your name in the downstairs entrance of the library for you. Please note that parents can collect the books before 8:00am or after 3:30pm from Monday to Thursday next week. These times were communicated to parents on Wednesday, 25 March 2020 by the Deputy Principal - Student Wellbeing, Mr Julian Fritz, as part of the Health & Safety Measures at the College. 


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