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Library Guides

Library guides are webpages which the Library team create to support the College community.

Each guide is based on a topic or assessment, and acts as a starting point for students’ learning on the topic. Depending on the topic the guide may include text information, links to websites and articles online, videos, maps, diagrams or other visual elements, information to assist with referencing, and links to academic subscription websites where students can access information of a higher quality than that on the public Internet.

We work with the teachers to select the most relevant, age-appropriate and reputable resources so that each guide is tailored specifically for your students’ needs.

You can see our full collection of guides here – check back regularly as we update this page frequently.

Trinity College Library Guides

Is there a topic that you’d like a guide on but can’t see one available?

Contact the Library team at library@trinity.wa.edu.au

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