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Course Selection: Online Course Selection

Online Course Selection

Students moving into Year 8, Year 9 or Year 10 in 2025

Elective choices need to be made by logging onto with your unique webcode.  Your parents/guardians have been emailed your webcode.

You must choose 6 units (6U).  Yearlong electives are worth 2 units and semester electives are worth 1 unit.

Think carefully about the order you choose your electives.  The timetabling software preferences electives chosen higher over other electives.

It is a West Australian Curriculum requirement that all Year 8 students must select a subject from each of Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Design Technology and Digital Technology.

It is proposed that the courses listed will be offered in 2024 if sufficient students enrol in each course.  A student's final choice may be restricted by: (1) not meeting the subject prerequisite; (2) unavoidable clashes in timetabling; (3) lack of numbers to make a viable class or (4) resource restrictions.

Students moving into Year 11 in 2025 | Course Counselling Survey

Current Year 10 students moving into Year 11 next year need to complete the following survey.  Take your time to answer the survey with as much detail as possible. The data collected will be used to help allocate course counsellors.

A link to the survey can be found here.

Students moving into Year 12 in 2025

Subject choices need to be made by logging onto with your unique webcode.  This webcode can be found in your trinity email account.

You must choose at least 10 units (10U) and you may choose up to 12 units (12U).

It is not recommended to select a new ATAR course if it has not been completed in Year 11. Students wishing to explore this option must meet with Mr Hince.

ATAR Comp Sci (off grid)

If you have completed A1CSC and wish to continue, please select this off-grid option. The classes run before school.

Curtin Uni Ready

Students choosing Curtin Uni Ready are not permitted to have a study line and must choose a total of 12 Units (or 6 subjects of which Curtin Uni Ready is one of these).

Students choosing Curtin Uni Ready are not permitted to have 4 or more ATAR.

Certificate IV

Students choosing Certificate IV should choose a total of 10 units (or 5 subjects) plus the Certificate IV at FEC option at the bottom of the selections and are recommended to have a study line as Preference 6.

Students choosing Certificate IV should be mindful of not choosing multiple ATAR subjects due to being off campus one day a week.










Important Dates

Year 10 students moving into Year 11 2025: subject data is due Friday 2 August

Year 11 students moving into Year 12 2025: subject data is due Friday 16 August

Year 7,8,9 students moving into 2025: elective data is due Friday 23 August