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Course Selection: VET & Endorsed Programme

Internal VET

Certificate II in Sports & Recreation

Minimum prerequisite: No prerequisites required.
Auspiced with: VET
Pathway: Year 12 Outdoor Recreation

Through interaction with the natural world, Outdoor Education aims to develop an understanding of our relationships with the environment, others and ourselves. The Outdoor Education General course focuses on outdoor activities in a range of environments, including kayaking, bushwalking, boating, climbing and camping. It provides students with an opportunity to develop essential life skills and physical activity skills, and an opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the environment and develop a positive relationship with nature. The course also provides students with opportunities to develop skills that will enable them to pursue personal interests and careers in outdoor pursuits, environmental management, or eco-tourism.

Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their practical skills and develop leadership qualities on an extended overnight expedition which encompasses all of the content of the course.

The units of competency for the certificate are:

  • Maintain equipment for activities
  • Respond to emergency situations
  • Work effectively in sport, fitness and recreation environments
  • Participate in workplace health and safety
  • Provide first aid
  • Provide quality service
  • Maintain sport, fitness and recreation industry knowledge
  • Assist with activity sessions
  • Snorkel
  • Cluster (Environmental Impacts)
  • Provide Equipment For Activities
  • Conduct Sport, Fitness Or Recreation Events
  • Organise And Complete Daily Work Activities
  • Minimise environmental impact


On completion of the Year 11 course students may progress into Outdoor Recreation in Year 12.

This course has an additional resource fee.

Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation

Minimum prerequisite: No prerequisites required.
Auspiced with: VET
Year 12 Outdoor Recreation Completion of the Year 11 course is highly recommended and advantageous.

This programme provides students with the fundamental knowledge on all facets of outdoor recreation pursuits and working in a business setting in an outdoor recreation setting. Through year 12 Outdoor Education activities including kayaking, mountain biking, camping, climbing and navigation, students are provided with the opportunity to develop leadership qualities and build confidence in their physical activity skills.

The integrated approach within this course allows for practical activities, theoretical concepts, and relationship with the environment to be incorporated into a meaningful program of learning. It provides students with an opportunity to develop essential life skills and physical activity skills, an opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the environment and develop a positive relationship with nature. The course aims to develop self-awareness and leadership through opportunities to plan for, and facilitate, outdoor experiences.

The students will apply logistics to planning outdoor recreation activities including the 4 day expedition. The ability to select and use equipment while demonstrating safe participation in outdoor recreation activities will be a key focus.

The units of competency for the certificate are:

  • Provide first aid
  • Participate in workplace health and safety
  • Perform basic water rescues
  • Paddle a craft using fundamental skills
  • Ride bicycles on roads and pathways easy conditions
  • Ride off road bicycles on easy trails
  • Assist in conducting recreation sessions
  • Minimises environmental impact
  • Navigate in tracked environments
  • Snorkel
  • Assist with activity sessions
  • Respond to emergency situations
  • Maintain equipment for activities
  • Maintain sport fitness and recreation industry knowledge


This course has an additional resource fee.

External VET

Vocational and Education Training Programmes

Australian Qualification Framework Certificates

All AQF certificates offered at Trinity College are stand-alone certificates designed to be completed over one year. They are competency based and contribute to the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) in the same way as ATAR and General courses of study. These certificates will also act as prerequisite courses for higher certificates at TAFE and will contribute points towards entry to other TAFE certificate courses. Our courses are auspiced through IVET & Fremantle Education Centre.

Certificate IV Business BSB40215

Minimum Prerequisite: A minimum of a C grade in English Year 11.
Only Available in Year 12. Entry is subject to interview.
Auspiced with: FEC

This nationally recognised qualification is aimed at students who wish to complete further studies at either University or TAFE. In addition, students who are contemplating work or study in Business post school. The successful completion of this challenging course equates to a nominal 70 ATAR and meets the minimum entrance requirements for many undergraduate courses at ECU, Curtin and Murdoch.

This qualification is competency based and reflects the role of individuals who use well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of business contexts. The units of competency for the certificate are:

  • Organise meetings
  • Administer projects
  • Coordinate business resources
  • Make a presentation
  • Promote innovation in a team environment
  • Design and develop complex text documents
  • Promote products and services
  • Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements
  • Write complex documents
  • Work with diverse people

In order to use the Cert IV to obtain direct entry to ECU, Murdoch & Curtin students must demonstrate English competency which is typically a scaled score of 50 or higher in ATAR English.

Onsite Specialist Courses

Students may embark on a specialist TAFE course that includes studying one day a week at a TAFE campus. Students are also required to complete workplace hours as part of the qualifications. ONSITE has a number of specialist VET courses running with North and South Metropolitan TAFE.

This programme is valuable for students who wish to pursue a specific trade or industry. Places in these courses are extremely competitive and entry is by interview only. Interviews will take place at Trinity during term three. Preference is given to students entering Year 12. Upon completion students are well placed to be competitive for apprenticeships.

The areas open to Trinity students are:

  • Electrical (Data & Voice)
  • Automotive Mechanic
  • Auto Electrical
  • Hairdressing
  • Building & Construction (Trades Pathways)
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Electronics
  • Engineering (Heavy Fabrication)
  • Preparation for Nursing Pathways

(The number of places and courses on offer are determined by annual government funding. Please click here to access a description of the courses available).

How to Apply:

  • Answer YES to the ONSITE Specialist TAFE question on your Year 11 Subject Selection Form.
  • Families will be contacted with information on how to apply.

Vet Delivered to Secondary Students (VETDSS)

Students can also access VET in Schools (VETDSS) which gives students in Years 11-12 the opportunity to study at TAFE while completing their studies at school. Courses are run at both North and South Metro TAFE’s. It provides students with a wide range of study choices that are not possible in a high school setting. Students on this pathway are not required to pay tuition fees but depending on the course may be required to purchase uniforms etc.. Please see Mr Hinks to discuss options for these courses. The number of places and courses on offer may change and are determined by annual government funding.

Families can access 2023 courses by clicking the links below (links not yet available).



How to Apply:

  • Answer YES to the VETDSS question and provide the course name and location on your Year 11 Subject Selection Form. Students who select a course will be sent information on how to apply. Applications open on July 1 and students are required to apply directly to TAFE via their website.

Endorsed Programmes

Endorsed programmes offer students access to a wide range of learning opportunities not covered in WACE courses. They also have the benefit of counting towards the WACE.

All eligible endorsed programmes achieved inside or outside of school will be recorded on the student’s Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement (WASSA).

A list of endorsed courses can be found here:

Endorsed programmes offered at Trinity College include Work-Place Learning (WPL) (Year 11-12) Curtin Uni-Ready (Year 12), Powering Careers in Energy (Year 10) and the Recreational Skippers’ Ticket (Year 11).

Workplace Learning (WPL)

Prerequisites: Entry is subject to an interview with ONSITE.

Students who undertake a General/VET pathway in Year 11/12 should consider Workplace Learning (WPL) and/or VET as part of their studies. WPL gives the students the opportunity to spend one day a week away from school in a real workplace, providing them transferrable skills and experiences. Students are expected to source their own placements with assistance from ONSITE. Placement blocks are generally ten weeks long with students having the opportunity to undertake two placements per year.

Students are expected to demonstrate attainment of 10 skills from the following (SCSA) employability skills list. There are 10 broad headings that students must address via a skills journal.

  • Manage career and work life
  • Work with roles, rights and protocols
  • Communicate for work
  • Connect and work with others
  • Recognise and utilise diverse perspectives
  • Plan and organise
  • Make decisions
  • Identify and solve problems
  • Create and Innovate
  • Work in a digital world


Benefits for Students:

  • Develops responsible work skills and assists in career planning.
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence and develops broader communication skills.
  • Complements and reinforces school courses and increases awareness of the link between school, work and further education.
  • Provides a realistic understanding of the expectations of specific industries.
  • Provides students with ‘employability skills’ which enhances their employment prospects.


WPL is an endorsed unit and can be counted towards the achievement standard of the WACE certificate. Each block of 55 hours and successful completion of the logbook/skills journal will be awarded one-unit equivalency towards WACE, with a maximum of 4 units contributing to WACE​​​​.

Curtin Uni-Ready (Year 12)

This program is designed for students to meet Curtin’s minimum entry requirements without the need to undertake an ATAR pathway. Students are allocated 4 periods a week of face to face contact with a staff member, with a significant amount of time required at home to complete homework and other tasks. There are 4 units which all students must successfully complete. These units are:

  • Fundamentals of Academic Writing
  • Foundations of Communication
  • Introduction to Commerce
  • Introduction to Mathematics

Successfully completing this course will qualify students for direct entry a range of undergraduate degrees at Curtin. In addition, each unit successfully completed will be awarded one-unit equivalency towards WACE.

Power Careers in Energy (Year 10)

This elective unit provides students with the opportunity to explore and understand the broad range of career options available within the Oil and Gas industry in WA. Students study five units in all covering a wide variety of aspects of the energy industry. An Introduction to Energy will help introduce students to the role of energy in our community with a focus on aspects of the LNG value chain. Chevron operates in many diverse communities around the globe. Students will have the opportunity to understand and explore cultures as well as develop knowledge about Australian cultural heritage, native title and how these aspects shape the modern resource industry. PCIE is an endorsed unit and successful completion will be awarded two-unit equivalency units towards WACE.

Recreational Skippers' Ticket (Year 11)

This unit is studied as a part of the Certificate II Sport & Recreation course offered in Year 11. The Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST) is a compulsory qualification for people skippering a powered boat in WA with a motor greater than 6hp. It is compulsory for all WA skippers. Developed by the Department of Transport (DoT), the RST ensures people in charge of vessels have the minimum skills and knowledge to protect themselves, and their passengers and to share the waterways safely. The RST is an endorsed unit and successful completion will be awarded one-unit equivalency unit towards WACE​​​​​.









Important Dates

Year 10 students moving into Year 11 2025: subject data is due Friday 16 August

Year 11 students moving into Year 12 2025: subject data is due Friday 16 August

Year 7,8,9 students moving into 2025: elective data is due Friday 23 August