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Course Selection: Information


Curriculum Overview

At Trinity College Year 8 students study a number of compulsory or core subjects and have an excellent range of elective subjects from which to choose. The combination of core and elective subjects ideally provide for the interests and academic needs of all students.

The elective subjects offered in Year 8 reflects the forthcoming West Australian Curriculum requirements in terms of all students needing to complete a Performance Art, a Visual Art, a Design Technology and a Digital Technology.

Engage: Mind, Body, Spirit & Community

Throughout Year 8, boys continue their transition into Senior School with opportunities to develop a strong sense of personal identity, while continuing to develop social connections within the cohort. Using the framework of Positive Psychology, a strength-based approach enables students and the school community to thrive by building on their strengths and virtues, focusing on the importance of happiness and gratitude. The importance of engaging the mind-body-spirit-community means that our wellness comes not just from physical health, but from positive mental health and our spiritual health. Essentially if we can develop and engage our mind, body and spirit to work together the effect brings happiness.

The program will cover a range of important topics, equipping them with the necessary tools to improve many aspects of their lives. Through an understanding of social media, the importance of nutrition, the impact of positive relationships and gaining knowledge in the topic of sexuality, students will be able to further develop themselves in continuing their transition into their teenage years.

Further information on the Pastoral Care programmes offered by Trinity College can be found here.









Important Dates

Year 10 students moving into Year 11 2025: course counselling survey data (Microsoft Form) is due Friday 5 July, and subject data confirmed with your course counsellor is due Friday 2 August

Year 11 students moving into Year 12 2025: subject data is due Friday 16 August

Year 7,8,9 students moving into 2025: elective data is due Friday 23 August